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Intructions to lay and clean glass mosaic tiles

We recommend using a white adhesive mortar for the installation and a mortar without quartz for the grouting of glass mosaics.

Cutting: For the cutting of these glass mosaic tiles we recommend the use of a wet saw equipped with a special glass cutter disc or, if such is not available, with a regular diamant saw disc.

Please clean the glass mosaic tiles by using warm water and a soft sponge, eventually with an added neutral glass cleaner. To avoid scratches and damages of the mosaic tile surface do not use acid and alkaline cleaner or very abrasive cleaning products.

For wet and moist areas: Note that cut glass mosaics/ tiles with metal components/ decor must be sealed with appropriate silicone in order to avoid moisture to react with the metal. Oxidizing causes dark spots within the tile and degrade the appearance. Therefore, we advice to contact your tiler for correct and secure tiling.