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Tiled walls and floors not only impress with their elegant look,

but also with their long durability and easy-care properties. Thanks to the countless designs and finishes, different types of tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. There are many design options, but you should think in advance about which type of tiles are the right ones for your planned project.

Ceramic tiles are by far the most commonly used tiles.

You can choose between glazed and unglazed tiles. While unglazed ceramic tiles are mostly used as flooring in entrance areas and on terraces, glazed tiles are mainly suitable as wall coverings in the kitchen. They are also used as floor coverings for interior spaces subject to normal wear and tear. Due to the high durability and higher slip resistance, unglazed tiles are just right for outdoor use or in commercial spaces.

Stoneware tiles, which can be used particularly well as wall tiles,

are usually only available in glazed form. In unglazed form they are susceptible to dirt and wear. Stoneware tiles consist of fine-grained and crystalline shards and are the classic for interior walls. Because of their materials and the way they are made, they are often used to decorate bathroom walls. Earthenware tiles are extremely easy to care for and clean. However, the tiles are not frost-proof and therefore unsuitable for outdoor use. The advantage of the soft material is that the tiles are easy to cut and lay in difficult places.

If you want to design your outdoor area with tiles, it is best to use stoneware tiles.

These are frost-proof, robust and extremely hard-wearing. In addition, stoneware tiles have water-repellent properties and are insensitive to chemical influences. Heavy-duty split tiles are also suitable for outdoor use and score points for their beautiful appearance. Split tiles made of unglazed natural ceramic also ensure a homely ambience indoors and withstand all loads. Natural stone tiles, which are available in different sizes and countless colours, stand for longevity and naturalness. They are mostly made of granite with different structures, which is why natural stone tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Granite natural stone tiles are durable and wear-resistant.

Mosaic tiles have a particularly beautiful look,

which can be used as floor coverings, but also as wall tiles in all areas. With mosaic tiles, which are usually mounted on grids, you can easily design uneven walls. This also applies to hard-to-reach places or curved surfaces. If mosaic tiles have to be cut to a desired size, you can use a cutter knife to do this. For rooms with underfloor heating, tiles with a wood look, which are ceramic tiles, are just the thing to make the indoor or outdoor area cozy. If you are looking for inexpensive alternatives, you should preferably use PVC tiles, which are available in numerous designs and different colors. These tiles are made of vinyl material and can also be installed in the bathroom. However, such tiles are not suitable for rooms with underfloor heating.