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Distinctive and easy-care floor tiles for every room

Tiles are generally ideal building elements for the design of floors. Stoneware tiles, for example, impress with their diversity and can create an elegant ambience in any building structure. Stoneware tiles also offer you a wide range of different colors and a high variety of structures. Depending on how the tiles are processed, the products can be used as easy-care floor tiles as well as very decorative wall coverings.

Tiles in XXL format

have a minimum edge length of 60 centimetres. If you are more interested in even larger tiles, you will find products with edge lengths of 90 centimeters and 120 centimeters online. Large-format tiles offer you special advantages for a modern and individual floor design, especially in new buildings, in the case of extensive renovations and refurbishments.

Large-format tiles

are often associated with spacious rooms. But it is precisely smaller living spaces that benefit from these products. Because the fewer tile joints make the floors in smaller rooms look more even and spacious. Due to the rather closed area, these rooms appear much quieter. If the color of the joints is also matched to the color nuance of the tiles, the floor appears even more elegant and uniform. Large format tiles can be excellently refined with other more playful tiles. You can do this in the form of a border or a mosaic, among other things. You can also achieve a fascinating eye-catcher by adding tiles in other colors. Despite playful details, the room does not appear restless. Since XXL tiles require fewer joints, the products are an ideal design for floors, especially in bathrooms or rooms that are often exposed to moisture. Because fewer joints also mean easier cleaning, more hygiene and thus considerable time savings. Furthermore, this results in fewer attack surfaces for mold growth. Therefore, large-format tiles are an aesthetic and easy-care floor covering, especially in commercial properties such as hotels.

Tiles, from different production methods,

are also a highly practical floor covering in the private sphere. Because the products are available in a marble look, wood look, concrete and stone look, as well as in glazed, polished and unglazed versions. Modern floor tiles are also available online in metal look, cement look and country style.

For a vintage-style design, tiles with traditional ornaments,

star/cross patterns and classic patterns such as flowers are available online. However, the retro designs are made using innovative manufacturing methods and high-tech processes. As a result, you do not have to do without any aspect of modern tiles. The surfaces have a high-quality finish, so that the color retention, color brilliance and longevity do not suffer compared to other designs. If, in addition to the easy-care properties of the floor tiles, you also prefer a rather robust surface structure, products with a natural stone look are ideal. The universal products are available online for outdoor use, bathrooms and kitchens alike. Floor tiles of this quality are particularly suitable for long-term use, such as those found in commercial and private entrance areas. Real natural stone tiles, on the other hand, are more sensitive and scratch much more easily than tiles with a natural stone look.