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Ceramic tiles

The term ceramics today means products made of clay, stoneware, Porcelain stoneware and other mineral substances recorded with finished surfaces come onto the market. In order to the majority of those in retail also count usual floor tiles and wall tiles for ceramics. Ceramic Tiles are known from ancient times. Draw these tiles with its decorative surfaces with a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Ceramic tiles for every room

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Ceramic tiles, especially porcelain stoneware, can be found in stressed living areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or hallways, where moisture-resistant wall and floor coverings are required. Ceramic is also in demand for tiles in living rooms, conservatories, stairs and outside areas. Various formats and designs are offered, from small tiles to large tiles. Ceramic mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles in wood design, retro ceramic tiles or ceramic tiles in natural stone design are very popular, but also ceramic tile pictures. Modern technologies ensure highly durable surfaces of the ceramic tiles and permanent colouration with permanent color brilliance. The selection for ceramic tiles is huge. In fact, an entire house can be designed with different wall tiles and floor tiles, including the stairs, terrace and balcony. Modern ceramic tiles are very easy to machine and lay. You will find suitable ceramic tiles for areas with different loads, for example also for commercial buildings or the garage

The right choice for ceramic tiles

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It is important to make the right choice of ceramic tiles for every room or outdoor area. The different usage classes help you with this. The surface load is characterized by the abrasion class. The classifications 1 to 2 only indicate wall tiles, abrasion class 3 stands for floor tiles suitable for barefoot areas such as the bathroom and class 4 meets high demands. Slip resistance is very important for ceramic floor tiles. At least with R10 better than R11, the slip resistance should be marked for floor tiles. If you want to combine different decorative ceramic tiles in the room, make sure you have the same format and thickness, as well as the same abrasion and slip resistance class. Ceramic wall and floor tiles are also good for indoor air and hygiene. Ceramic tiles do not pollute the room air, are allergy-free and easy to care for. If the joints are closed with mold-resistant grout, fungi and allergic substances can hardly nest.