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Borders for effective accents

Borders as an appealing eye-catcher in the bathroom and kitchen

Borders not only look appealing, they make the tiles in the bathroom or kitchen a very special eye-catcher. They can be designed individually, because the decorations on the tiles come in many different designs. Regardless of whether as a Mediterranean mosaic border, made of natural stone or as a glass border, they allow a very personal design of the tiles in the bathroom or in the kitchen. They underline the appearance of the tiles and at the same time form a harmonious connection.


Natural stone borders for effective accents

Natural stone borders can be used both in the wall area and in the floor insert. They set effective accents on the tiles and give the bathroom or kitchen an elegant ambience. A polished surface of the borders can be implemented excellently with a clear and modern tile design. The rustic tile, on the other hand, comes into its own with a matt surface. Which natural stone border ultimately comes into question depends on the respective furnishings and your taste. Of course, there is also the possibility of combining different natural stones with one another. This not only creates a harmonious play of colors, but also a very special eye-catcher.


Glass borders for modern design

If you want something very special , chooses borders made of glass for changing the tiles. The design possibilities are unlimited, because there are many variable colors and different formats. The optical aspect plays a very important role with glass, because regardless of whether it is matt or glossy, glass simply achieves unique effects. Depending on the incidence of light, it looks as if the glass is glowing from within. The borders not only fit perfectly into a modern bathroom or kitchen, they also enchant with their elegant look. They impress with their elegant design and their unlimited design options. The hygienic cleaning of the tiles with borders made of glass is very easy because it is a smooth surface. At the same time, the surface is scratch-resistant and frost-proof and thus guarantees a long shelf life.


Borders made of a material mix for that certain something

Especially when it is When it comes to the design of a bathroom or a kitchen, it is not always easy to make a decision. On the one hand, the tiles with the matching borders should match the interior design, but at the same time reflect your own taste. Borders made from a mix of materials are very helpful here. Here, different materials come together in one, which can be individually designed. The combination of colored glass and metal, for example, looks very unusual. This combination has an attractive and unique effect that attracts everyone's attention. At the same time, this mix also ensures an optical enlargement of every room and gives a small bathroom an incredible width.


Mosaic borders for a very individual design

The glass mosaic is ideal for setting excellent accents on tiles. The geometric and free arrangement allows a multitude of design skills in order to attach special borders. The creation of borders from mosaic stones turns out to be very labor-intensive and time-consuming, but they are unique for it. The bathroom or the kitchen are upgraded, as it were, by the borders on the tiles. This is ensured not least by the diverse colors and color combinations that are available in the area of mosaics. Extensive combination options to make the tiles look attractive in a room that leaves nothing to be desired.